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Buy an Existing Home or Build a Custom Home


Spec Homes:
If you would rather buy a finished new home, Conbeth Development, LLC has a large selection of homes from which to choose. These homes are called spec homes or inventory homes - homes that are already completed or mostly completed. With plenty of floorplan selections, tasteful and unique features, and locations that are convenient and ideal, Conbeth offers the new home buyer practically any floorplan in any price range.

Custom Homes: If you are interested in building a new custom home with Conbeth, we have many flexible options that you can use. Conbeth can build a new home on an existing Conbeth lot in Normandy Oaks, Maison du Lac, TerraBella Village, Bedico Creek Preserve, Willow Bend, Abita Lakes, and Abita Oaks.

Build on Your Lot or Ours: If you already own your own lot, Conbeth can work with you to design custom floorplans that would suit your style and budget. Because Conbeth is both a developer and builder, most of the time, we will be able to take land that you own, develop it the way that you would like - even save those special trees that you want to keep - and then build your new home. We can also buy the lot you want, get the construction loan and build the house. You then purchase the house upon completion.

Full-Service Builder: Finally, if you do not own a lot, are not interested in buying in a subdivision, but you still would like to build your own custom home, Conbeth can assist you with land acquisition, floorplan design, and the building of a new custom home. Conbeth is a one-stop-shop for all of your new home buying and new home building needs.