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Giving Back

Conbeth Development, LLC, a St. Tammany Parish based builder regularly donates time, money and materials in many aspects of the home building industry, as well as the local community.

Located in St. Tammany Parish, Conbeth Development, LLC is actively involved in Abita Spring's "resurrection" during the past 10 years. Abita Springs has been growing very rapidly, even before Hurricane Katrina, and so different historical aspects of the town have slowly been restored. The popularity of the Tammany Trace and the different Trailheads located in Mandeville, Covington, and Abita Springs in West St. Tammany Parish has prompted tourism to blossom at these locations. In order to assist with the building of the tourism industry, Conbeth Development, LLC has donated its time and materials to build 2 new structures at the Abita Springs Trailhead.

In addition to helping out with local community efforts to promote business, Conbeth Development, LLC is very involed with the Raising the Roof for Charity Raffle House for the St. Tammany/Washington Parishes Home Builders Association (ST/WHBA). Conbeth was the 2014 Raffle House Builder in TerraBella Village. The Raffle House is one of the biggest fundraisers for charity that the ST/WHBA does each year. The house itself is auctioned off to a Raffle House ticket buyer, and then the proceeds from the sales of the tickets for the Raffle House are donated to specially chosen charities. Conbeth Development, LLC donates their time and materials to this program.

Conbeth Development, LLC, through donations and time volunteered throughout the year, show their support for the home building industry and local charitable organizations.

Susan Meyer spends a large amount of time networking for the home builders associations of which Conbeth Development, LLC is a part, to the St. Tammany West Chamber of Commerce, and to the Tammany Trace Foundation.

Conbeth Development, LLC's generous support of the local community as well as the home building industry shows how dedicated the company is to its craft.